Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Life with a cat called Ambrose

I thought I would share with you the on-going trials and tribulations of living with a cat called Ambrose.

Just before Christmas I found a bra with chewed straps. I could only deduce that it was Ambrose who chewed it as it was in the place that he used to like to curl up and sleep, ie my chest of draws in my bedroom. Luckily my darling husband brought me some new ones with him when he visited over Christmas and the New Year (more on that in a bit).

I also found a T shirt that at first look I thought he had just chewed the back as there was a hole. OK I thought I’ll just take the back off and get a plain bit of fabric and make a new one. But I looked further and there was an even bigger hole in the front.

So on Wednesday I found that my favourite cardigan had been pulled off the pile of washing to put away and into their sleeping hole! (It’s actually my sewing table which is covered with a packing blanket and has created a cradle.) Anyway I looked at it and guess what, he has chewed it. Again on first look it appeared that he had just chewed the ribbing in a few places so I thought I’ll just get some more ivory cotton yarn and redo that. But again on further review of the item there was a gaping hole on the sleeve too. Oh well I have had the cardigan since before 1991 – see I told you it was a favourite as it went with most of the clothes I own but it is also a good excuse to buy/make a new one.

Back to my conjugal visit at Christmas. My darling husband came out on 16 December and on the Monday we went to Aswan for a couple of days, returning on Wednesday. It was only a short visit and we will have to go again for longer to do it real justice.

Temple of Ramesses II

Temple of Hathor/Nefertari

The only other historical trips we did were to Dendera and Esna. On all these outings he was the Official Photographer and he also took some lovely photos of the animals.

Dendera (Temple of Hathor)


The dog was not sure of him to start but by the end of the 3 weeks they were getting on like a house on fire. When we Skype each other Jazz gets interested ‘cause he can hear his voice but can’t really see him. I am now counting the days until 30 April when I get to see him again.

Until next time.

Be well.

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