Monday, 20 February 2012

Cats and Craft

To get everyone who had been following the saga of CC and Ambrose.  I can report that both are extremely well.  Ambrose is now back to his usual talkative self and CC goes out a night and so far (touch wood) has not sustained any further injuries. 

(15 September 2011)
Ambrose looking proud in a favourite sleeping spot.

(3 January 2011)
CC loves  my new addition and this is where he usually snoozes.

As I write this, little Willow is sitting on my lap purring.

(3 January 2012)
This is her other favourite sleeping place.

As many of you know I lost my beloved Odin last year.  I looked after a friends dog when they were on holiday and I realised that I missed that unconditional love and company.  It also means that I can talk to myself (whilst pretending to talk to dog!) and not appear too mad (lol).

He was born on 6 January 2011 and his name is Jazz.  He is the total opposite of my previous dog and I know I shouldn't compare the two but it is difficult and I love him just as much.

(17 December 2011)
A beautiful picture taken by my darlind husband (B1gneil)

(17 December 2011)
Ever since he's been very little he has had to have his lead in his mouth, a comfort thing I think - bless.

Here he is with one of his favourite friends - CC(20 September 2011)

(3 January 2012)
I said she had to get close...

And here is a card I made a dear friend ...

This was made using Stampin' Up supplies which are fabulous.  I have quite a bit as I used to be an Independent Demonstrator before leaving the UK.

Finally, I know I have been remiss is posting here but my February/March resolution is that I will attempt to post more often and definitely at least a couple of time a month.  Lets hope I can manage this.

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