Tuesday, 18 January 2011

My Action Packed Week - Part II

Friday - TV problems - Although I did not have to leave the house on Friday by television (which is all of six months old) decided to start playing about. I turned it on that morning and I was getting sound but no pictures. So I duly checked the manual and did everything it said. So I gave up and turned it off and watched some Grey's Anatomy 'bliss'. So two hours later I turned it back on and the television was OK.
The above scenario was repeated again later that same evening - not good.
Saturday - I called my landlord about the TV and he was taking a neighbour into Luxor so also took me and the TV. After telling the man in the shop what was wrong he said that is "had the devil in it". He then informed me that the repair would take one month OMG!!!. This is because the van that collects the broken TVs only arrives once a fortnight, they are then taken to be repaired and returned on the next van.
So, although I was planning on getting a new TV in the future, it was a case of needs must and so have purchased a new 32" HD TV. It has 4 HDMi slots; a cooling fan inside and I can connect my TV and Wii and everything when it eventually arrives. It’s very very nice!!!
While I was at the shop I also saw a new Stereo that has a 7" screen (for some unknown reason!!), a USB port (which means I can plug my IPod into it), a MP3 port, 3 CD changer, radio and 2 tapes. I think I might get that tomorrow - Wednesday. :)
One of the things about Luxor is that you go to the shop to get the goods then you have to go to their warehouse to collect them! It’s like a little hole in the wall. I will try to remember to take my camera when I get the stereo.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Action Packed Week

You know that they say about buses, there are none for ages and they all arrive at once; well that is a bit like my outings. I don’t gop out for ages and then I’m out every day! My week so far has gone like this:

Sunday - at home – missing Neil who went home yesterday (8 January)

Monday – went to Luxor with my neighbours for shopping, a food treat at Tutti Frutti (The English Tea Room in St Joseph Street Luxor)

Tuesday – Animal Care in Egypt ‘ACE’ – Cupcake aka CC went out yesterday and was beaten up and had a nasty cut on her right front leg. She came in last night limping and this morning it was not clean and she would not let me get anywhere near her to clean it. So I umm'ed and ahhhh’ed and decided to take her in and get it cleaned.

CC’s wound was dressed to keep it clean and she had a very fetching bright pink bandage over the top (see below)

Got a birthday phone call from my husband and my mum.

Wednesday – my birthday – I had a phone call last night from the lady I was going to get some baby kittens to say they were ready. I was going to get them on Thursday but decided to do it today as a birthday treat to myself ...

The babies are now called Willow (female, looks like button) and Ambrose (ginger and white male).  This is Ambrose (below) has taken to CC but she wants nothing to do with him at the minute anyway ...

The neighbours agreed to go out to the local restaurant the Africa for something to eat. We all had a lovely meal then all of a sudden the lights went out and the waiters lead my Ahmed and Ali the owner brought out a cake and sang Happy Birthday in both English and Arabic very very loudly. I was rather embarrassed and totally surprised. The cake was a Twinky cake and a gift from my middle neighbours and it was made fresh that day as they did not have a chocolate sponge cake. It was very very delicious and I was very surprised and delighted.

Then I came home and saw all the well wishes and birthday messages on Facebook and made my first birthday in Egypt really lovely.

Thursday – ACE – took CC back for a wound check and she has been signed off.  The babies have now had their first injection. On their return home Willow decided to hide under the cabinet next to the gas bottle and Ambrose played with me and we had cuddles! They are settling in well although Button comes in and hisses at Ambrose and bops him on his head; CC tends hiss and then ignore them both.

Oh and have been sneezing my head off and am streaming with a cold :(

Had some more cake and tea at the middle neighbours.  There is still a bit more cake left which I will have tomorrow - yum yum

Baring any further overnight developments I intend to stay at home tomorrow Friday … and rest after all this activity.