Monday, 1 February 2010


This is where i will be moving eventually - it cannot not be too soon

I wonder why ... now I know!

We received to offers on the house that were exactly the same and on the advice of our estate agents we took this one. An investor who they had dealt with before and who wanted to be in mid-January.

Anyway we were meant to exchange on Monday, then Tuesday and after much toing and froing with our solicitor yelling at the other sides solicitors it is hopped for on Monday (01/02/10).

We wanted to complete asap to ensure that we kept our flat which is rather a find and at least by 12 February. But now (because of probate or something) the other side want to complete on 12 March!!! I wanted to be on the flight on 15 March with dogly in tow. I have hardly slept this week ... the only thing keeping me going is that move to Egypt!