Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ambrose update ...

... and he is a bit better.

I was really worried about Ambrose yesterday. Although he appeared to have come out of the initial anaesthetic reasonably quickly he insisted on sitting next to me; as every sick child wants their mum. His wound was really really weeping which I suppose was good, the antibiotic was doing the trick. I have to keep checking that he is still breathing as he is breathing is really shallow. However, he was still really doppy. He was sick as predicted. He managed to have a little something to eat thankfully (the frist time since Saturday) and he drank a bit too.
I had been chatting with my friend Marcy C on facebook and at one point was in tears cause I hate to see him look like that. At one point I was very close to tears because of this and Mary said some very kind words, and sent me a long distance hug :)
I went to be reasonably early about 11.30 pm cause I was exhausted from the worry. And you could see his third eyelid. My last though was of Ambrose and I offered up a prayer to keep him safe and well.

I woke up at 6.30 am and my first thought was of Ambrose so I went out to check on him an dhe is loads better. Perhaps the reason he was so out of it for so long was the accumulative effect of the anaesthetic.
CC is loads better and she even tried to escape last night when Willow was deciding whether she wanted to come in or not. Luckily I managed to grab her and got her back inside.
Later this morning Ambrose was even interested in going outside, until that point he was not in the least bit interested so this is a vast improvement. And his wound, although it’s still weeping it is nowhere as bad as yesterday.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The Continuing Saga of Ambrose and CC

So last Saturday I posted about my mishap with some marble stairs leading from the Ferry to the Corniche.

During the week following that incident was quite eventful. I was not up to taking Ambrose back to the Vet at Ace on Tuesday but I kept cleaning his wound and applying antibiotic cream and it seemed to have cleared up.
CC was still suffering with her foot. Again I was cleaning this and putting on the cream. However on Wednesday her wound closed and on Thursday it had started to swell. She sat on my lap on Thursday evening and jumped off and the swelling (obviously now an abscess) burst!! Unfortunately ACE is closed on Friday (being the day of rest here.

When Charmian came on Wednesday he did not go and sit with her which was unusual. He was walking funny but I thought it was just because he was in a strop because he had been kept in. So on Friday I noticed that Ambrose’s gizzard was swelling but thought this was because of his neck. I decided to let him out on Friday but he just sat on the steps. I went out to bring him back in and noticed he had a hole in his cheek.

So a week following my incident I was at ACE again with two cats, fortunately the incident was not repeated.
Ambrose was seen first and the swelling in his gizzard was actually an abscess. The Vet got 20ml of pus out. She packed the wound gave him antibiotics and painkiller.

CC’s wound was above the muscle and did not affect her nerves. She was cleaned also given a pain killer and antibiotics.

Yesterday Ambrose was scratching his wound and he caused it to burst again and I managed to get about 10ml of pus out.

The repeat visit was today (Monday). Ambrose was got flushed, antibiotics were placed in the wound and he was packed and given more antibiotics and pain killers. Return visit on Thursday with pain killers and antibiotics for me to administer on Wednesday.

It is the general consensus that Ambrose got caught in the Borgonvelia in the arch above gate and the wounds were caused as he tried to get away!

CC was cleaned and given pain killers and re-bandaged with a return visit in 5 days or so. She also has pain killers for Wednesday.  And shes putting more weight on hew poorly paw already hurrah!!

I would post pictures but they are pretty gruesome.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Mad Cat Lady's Grand Day Out

I had to go to ACE yet again today with CC as when she came home on Tuesday morning, 5 July, she had a bite wound.  It was no better and weeping so I called the vet at ACE and they wanted to see her.

Ambrose also had a wound on his neck so, to save a later trip, I decided to take him to be checked out.

I took a private motor launch and was making my way up the stairs with a cat in a basket in each hand and I tripped up on the stairs from the ferry up to the corniche, landing flat on my face.  Initially I was worried about my glasses, then the cats and then myself as my nose started to drip blood.  The boat boys rushed to my aid and got me and the cats up to the corniche and gave me loads of tissues to mop up the blood.

My taxi driver wanted to take me to the hospital but as I had the cats I wanted to get to ACE.  I saw my dear friend there and what with the shock (and the pain) burst into tears.  A couple of volunteers, the CEO and manager came to see me.  I was given a cup of tea and some water to make a compress and a pain killer. and the cats were treated.  I just hoped that I wouldn't get a bump on the side of my nose (!!!).

The vet was worried about me and wouldn't let be me in the room when they saw to my cats so my friend went in (good job the cats know her).  She also announced that she wanted to be with me most of the day to make sure I was OK (bless her). 

I didn't think it was broken as i could touch it but the vets thought it best that I get checked out.  A friend had called from England and even she said get it checked out.  One of the vets recommended a bone doctor so on the way home we made an appointment for 1.30 pm.

On the ferry back to the West Bank a couple of the boat boys asked whether I was ok and said he was sorry.  It wasn't their fault - but they had distracted me a bit making cat noises as I was going up the stairs with two heavy lumps.

Got home deposited the cats and had a cup of tea and then went to the Doctor.  Had an x-ray taken and its not broken, just bruised and swollen.(Luckily i don't have black eyes lol.)  He, the doctor, has given me an anti-inflammatory/anti-traumatic gel that i have to use for at least 5 days. 

Had a bit of lunch and wondered up to this excellent pharmacy.  The pharmacist asked me if I was dizzy before I fell and I said no, I just tripped (not something the doctor bothered to ask!).

Went to my friend's for a cuppa and a relax cause it was 56C when we went back into Luxor and got home at 6pm.  Another boat boy asked if I was OK when I got back to the ferry.

I feel as though I have a cold in my nose cause its all swollen from the trauma.  So, tomorrow is going to be a relaxing day watching the British F1!!!!!!