Friday, 8 October 2010

When not to get your Egyptian yearly residency visa

I accompanied some friends of mine into Luxor yesterday and among other things they needed to renew their visa.
This couple originally arrived in Egypt in July and three months later went to apply for a full residency visa, When they arrived at the passport office window they were told that they were late. The entry visa that you get at the airport on arrival is a stay of four weeks and valid for three months. So as they had been there for three months they were definitely late! It was necessary for them to pay taxes for each month they were late (however if you accept your fate it is highly possible that these taxes are waived!). The passports were left until after lunch and their visa was duly stamped for renewal the following year in October.

Now this is the story of what happened to me during Ramadan this year and a warning for those who are likely to have to get their visa during Ramadan next year.

I arrived in Egypt on 16 June and so on 6 September I duly went along to the passport office to get a full year residency visa (I thought I was early – but I was going to Middle Egypt the following week so decided to get my renewal early; I should have waited).

The cashier told me that I was late and needed to pay taxes; and the yearly visa charge. I quietly accepted my fate but was still charged the full amount. The person that was dealing with me was in a really really foul Ramadan mood (it ended on 11 September!! – like I said I should have waited!!).

Anyway I left my passport and returned the following day to collect it. The visa had been stamped for renewal - June 2011. So although I had paid my taxes for being late and the full visa amount instead of the visa being dated September 2011 it was backdated to the day before my original date of entry :(


  1. Nice blog .. keep it up! Very best of luck to you for your new life in Egypt.

  2. Beautiful Tania. Sent you friend request on Facebook. in case you wondered who the strange name was. I saw your face book badge on blogger. :)