Sunday, 31 October 2010

The process of grieving

I had a weird dream (26 October 2010); that my dog Odin had been put to sleep but that he came back to life.  We then went on to do all the things that he loved.  Walking in Buckham Park and wondering through very very muddy puddles; swimming in Tilgate Park (both in West Sussex) and then the Nile.  Going for early morning walks with 'Uncle' Les.

Because of aforementioned dream the next two days (27th October and 28th October 2010) were more difficult than usual.  My Arabic teacher asked me how I was and I said noss-a-noss (or half and half).  She asked why and I told her the back story and then that I had had a strange dream.  She asked me what the dream was as she interprets them.  She said that this type of dream after a bereavement is very usual as you want to be with the 'person' that has passed hence them being returned to life.

I have been better the last couple of days having posted on here and sharing some of my memories of the Monster.  Plus I have a little one (a kitten) to look after. 

Although Odin can never be replaced I have compant again;  the kitten is four months old (an a lot smaller than European kittens of the same age as they have a harder start to life.  He arrived at my house two weeks ago (11 October) and has been causing mayhem even since.  He does occupy some of my day and makes me laugh with his antics. He's a typical baladi cat and his name is Button. You can guess why!

He enjoyed eating feet, playing with his balls.  He can finally go out on 9 November 2010 but we have the facility of letting him roam in our villa.  He visits upstairs alot eating their cat's food (see above) mooching around and sleeping.

(11 October 2010 - my tail is 10.5 inches and I am 12.5 inches in length from the tip of my nose to the base of my tail!?

(14 October 2010 - see I told you my tail was long!!  Aww mum did you have to post me yawning?!!)

(15 October 2010 - meeting one of the neighbours - Gismo (aka The Ginger Whinger!)  I wish you could have heard the noise that Gismo was making - would love to know what he was saying!)

(17 October 2010 - oh I'm just too cute.  I love purring, padding (even in mid-air), sitting close to my mum and snuggling up!)

Follow my story as I grow ...

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