Friday, 29 October 2010

In Memorium

On 22 October 2010 at 6.10 am, the time that Odin would wait at the back door for 'Uncle' Les to take him for his morning walk, the following dedication came to mind.

"My darling Bugajugs, Mutley, Dogly, Odin - one dog with many names.  A big dog with a huge personality and the gentlest of souls.  Everyone who met you loved you.  I miss you each and every day in each and every way.  I know you are now at peace with no pain and that you no longer have to struggle for breath.  Although my life has a huge void since your passing I know that we will meet again one day and together cross the Rainbow Bridge.

When I first got Odin I wondered how I would ever tell the difference between my Labrador and all the other labradors - but it was easy in the end!

Typical labrador poses (not that you were a typical labrador although you loved water and food!!)

(7 October 2005)

On our walks together you had to say hello to every dog and their owners in particular - you had many friends and loved to play - these are just a few favourites the big group were affectionately called the posse!

(15 July 2005 one of the black one was harvey and his 'brother' was henry, I cant remember the names of the other three - one of each colour!)

(14 July 2005)

(20 July 2005 - Harvey a german shorthaired retreiver who was also slightly mad!)
(7 September 2006 - A friend and then you followed by Doodle, and Jerry the Springer!)

If you saw a water, in any shape a form you had to go in. 
Be it clean and shallow ...

(2 May 2005)

(22 January 2005)

... clean and deep ...

(7 October 2005)

... or muddy ...

(9 May 2006)

(10 May 2006)

... cold and frozen (oooooh I love snuffling in snow)!

(6 January 2010)

... or even better, clean and wet on the ground and frozen in the sky!

(4 March 2005)

You would never guess you were a retreiver.  You loved your ball and racing after it but only rarely would he bring it all the way back and bribes with treats were needed so you would relinquish the ball to allow me to it throw again!  Once you got it you would not let it go!

(20 July 2005)

Rest in Peace my darling dog, my memories of  you will keep me warm, until we meet again - Mum xxxx

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