Monday, 18 July 2011

The Continuing Saga of Ambrose and CC

So last Saturday I posted about my mishap with some marble stairs leading from the Ferry to the Corniche.

During the week following that incident was quite eventful. I was not up to taking Ambrose back to the Vet at Ace on Tuesday but I kept cleaning his wound and applying antibiotic cream and it seemed to have cleared up.
CC was still suffering with her foot. Again I was cleaning this and putting on the cream. However on Wednesday her wound closed and on Thursday it had started to swell. She sat on my lap on Thursday evening and jumped off and the swelling (obviously now an abscess) burst!! Unfortunately ACE is closed on Friday (being the day of rest here.

When Charmian came on Wednesday he did not go and sit with her which was unusual. He was walking funny but I thought it was just because he was in a strop because he had been kept in. So on Friday I noticed that Ambrose’s gizzard was swelling but thought this was because of his neck. I decided to let him out on Friday but he just sat on the steps. I went out to bring him back in and noticed he had a hole in his cheek.

So a week following my incident I was at ACE again with two cats, fortunately the incident was not repeated.
Ambrose was seen first and the swelling in his gizzard was actually an abscess. The Vet got 20ml of pus out. She packed the wound gave him antibiotics and painkiller.

CC’s wound was above the muscle and did not affect her nerves. She was cleaned also given a pain killer and antibiotics.

Yesterday Ambrose was scratching his wound and he caused it to burst again and I managed to get about 10ml of pus out.

The repeat visit was today (Monday). Ambrose was got flushed, antibiotics were placed in the wound and he was packed and given more antibiotics and pain killers. Return visit on Thursday with pain killers and antibiotics for me to administer on Wednesday.

It is the general consensus that Ambrose got caught in the Borgonvelia in the arch above gate and the wounds were caused as he tried to get away!

CC was cleaned and given pain killers and re-bandaged with a return visit in 5 days or so. She also has pain killers for Wednesday.  And shes putting more weight on hew poorly paw already hurrah!!

I would post pictures but they are pretty gruesome.

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