Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ambrose update ...

... and he is a bit better.

I was really worried about Ambrose yesterday. Although he appeared to have come out of the initial anaesthetic reasonably quickly he insisted on sitting next to me; as every sick child wants their mum. His wound was really really weeping which I suppose was good, the antibiotic was doing the trick. I have to keep checking that he is still breathing as he is breathing is really shallow. However, he was still really doppy. He was sick as predicted. He managed to have a little something to eat thankfully (the frist time since Saturday) and he drank a bit too.
I had been chatting with my friend Marcy C on facebook and at one point was in tears cause I hate to see him look like that. At one point I was very close to tears because of this and Mary said some very kind words, and sent me a long distance hug :)
I went to be reasonably early about 11.30 pm cause I was exhausted from the worry. And you could see his third eyelid. My last though was of Ambrose and I offered up a prayer to keep him safe and well.

I woke up at 6.30 am and my first thought was of Ambrose so I went out to check on him an dhe is loads better. Perhaps the reason he was so out of it for so long was the accumulative effect of the anaesthetic.
CC is loads better and she even tried to escape last night when Willow was deciding whether she wanted to come in or not. Luckily I managed to grab her and got her back inside.
Later this morning Ambrose was even interested in going outside, until that point he was not in the least bit interested so this is a vast improvement. And his wound, although it’s still weeping it is nowhere as bad as yesterday.

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