Thursday, 16 June 2011

The on going adventures of the made cat lady ...

... with a little bit of Arabic thrown in.

Yesterday CC’s visit to the vets went well al-hamdulellah. Her poorly paw is less swollen and her toes are definitely defined. If her paw is looking normal on 24 June, she does not have to go back.

I did have a bit of a scare though. As I was walking Kayla, my shadow Ambrose suddenly disappeared. I called and called and he didn’t appear. I called him when I got home from walking the dog. I called again when I got home from taking CC to the vets. Then again after I did some shopping; still no sign of him at all. He eventually arrived back home at about 2pm. The little monkey had me really worried. His absence was the longest one ever. My little boy is growing up!.

After our ACE visit I had a lovely visit with my mate who I met at Arabic classes. As our classes have stopped until September, we have decided to carry on meeting twice a week and do at least half an hour Arabic together to keep ourselves in. Her trouble area was the verbs and how to conjugate them and mine are the pronouns!!

I went through the present tense verbs and I think we have had a break through.

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