Saturday, 11 June 2011

The mad cat lady rides again ... motor boat, ferry and taxi!

I have had a bit of a frantic week this week. I had to take CC back to ACE (animal Care in Egypt) on Tuesday as her poorly paw was infected again and I got pus out of it on Monday evening. Anyway it turned out that the infection had gone down to her bone and was affecting her nerve endings.

So on the way home on a motor launch, bi el nas, a little boy was staring at me and the cat basket and so I told him, in Arabic, that she was not well and she was sleeping. An older woman then asked me, in Arabic, whether it was a qota (cat) or a kelb (dog) so I told her it was a qota. She was surprised that I knew Arabic …

The vet gave me an injection to give to CC on Thursday but I have to make a trip there again today and it was hot. I checked the temperature at the roundabout near the HSBC bank in Luxor which said 56 degrees C which was probably 6 degrees out and was in full sun!!!! So yes it was hot.

So between now and Wednesday I need to get my residency visa on Monday – hopefully this will be a less painful experience than last year, inshallah. I will let you know.

By the way, yesterday I was followed round the football pitch by Ambrose again – in full voice. He did not follow me to the Nile where Kayla and I had a game of catch.

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  1. Aha so now I think we will call you CaTania!!
    You'll be wearing a purple hat with a pink flower on it soon!!!!