Saturday, 7 February 2015

When will this horrendous year end?

I was not the only one to experience a bite from a cat last year.  Hubbly Bubbly visited in October and he was stroking Marky who, not knowing him too well, went for him and bit the back of his hand (on his birthday no less).  So first aid mode kicked in and I cleaned the wound, which was barely bleeding, with TCP, and then used the antibiotic spray and cream I used and gave him anti-inflammatory tablets.  We thought this was working well and HB continued to work on his train set (oh sorry model railway J).  But after being active with his hand for two weeks he had a couple of days when he did absolutely nothing. 

We went out for a meal the evening before his departure and his hand although still a bit swollen was fine.  However, it was a different story when he touched down at Heathrow Airport where his hand had become a balloon.  So HB went straight from the airport to his local hospital and in turn to a specialist hospital.  

on arrival at East Grinstead - 14 October 2014

He had two surgeries (here was talk of further plastic surgery) and was in hospital for nearly a week, followed by various out-patients visits.  

After first operation - 15 October 2014

Another from after the first operation

After the second operation - 16 October 2014

hospital check-up 21 October 2014

after the stitches have been removed - 30 October 2014

A shout out goes to my dad who ferried Neil to all his hospital appointments in deepest darkest East Grinstead.  Dad even made a round trip to from Bognor Regis to take him on one of his appointments. Dad I miss you everyday and hope you come and visit real soon.

Neil only recently returned to work (after a couple of months off) and has finally been signed off by the hospital on 19 December.  He has had a risk assessment and he is driving trains although he has to be accompanied.  He has to wait for another occupational health assessment on 4 February when he should be given the all clear.

The comparison in scars though is amazing.  Mine are tiny and his are so large and angry still.

One would have hoped that that was the end of our troublesome year but no.  In December one of our furbabies decided to disappear for a couple of days and when she came home she had a lump either side of the base of her tail.  She was constantly crying and not her normal 'Hi' or 'I'm hungry' cry.  It really hurt her when I touched it; so I decided to take her to ACE.  But she left again and hid for two days.  

She had just come back in and I had just called a taxi when my cleaner arrived and let her out ... so i had to cancel the taxi and again wait until she came back.  She finally arrived home on 30 December and the lump had disappeared and there was a huge open wound.  So I took her to the vets from ACE at their evening clinic on 31 December and all the skin that was on her tail was about an inch on the top of the base of her tail.
I was given antibiotic injections to give her twice a day; and antibiotic powder to put on her wound and also to add honey.  I had to keep her secluded in my craft room so we could leave the wound open.  Three day's later was a further visit (with Hubbly Bubbly in two - he had just arrived for a two week stay yay!!).  The vet took off more of her hair to see the wound more clearly and it was looking better.  I had to give her more antibiotics (tablets this time - oh my) and still honey the wound.

Towards the end of January though she managed to escape the house with slightly open wounds but she did come back a while later thank goodness and she has turned into quite a home bunny

Today one side is totally healed but the larger wound still had a scab on it but she is active and a lovely cat.

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