Friday, 27 February 2015

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So this time last week I was working on a project for the one year anniversary awards at the Kit and Clowder Facebook page.

It was late last year that I was looking for a way to improve my colouring and saw an advert or a mention of Kit and Clowder and looked at their website and coveted their colouring classes which are fabulous and give one on one feedback for each and every image uploaded to their feedback section of the class.  As I was not able to immediately take a class I did join their facebook page and I am so glad I did.  This is such a friendly supportive environment for beginners and advanced alike.  So supportive in fact that I entered my first challenge on this page and have attempted to enter each challenge ever since.  Plus the prize for this one was amazing.

So the anniversary challenge was posted by the owner of the classes and this page the wonderful Alyce Keegan. She uploaded a digital word image of what Kit and Clowder means to her (see below). 

"the challenge::  I've created a little word art here to show you all what Kit and Clowder represents and means to me.  The challenge is I would love to see you create any project using the word art as inspiration in any way ... you can use any one or combination of the words (eg you might pick a stamp showing Exploring or a group of people was friendship), you could use the colours as inspiration, the rose as inspiration, etc. anything you like.  I would love to see you all participate "

I spent about six hours on Thursday working on it - well getting everything ready for final assembly.  I finally stopped and ate something at 22:30 - oh yes that was 22:30.

I was then up and at them shortly after getting up the following day!  All the bits were ready but I needed to put them all together which took a while, I will admit.  Then I put the base together all wrong do had to so that and then I managed to put a crease where there shouldn’t have been one which was a mistake oh sorry an embellishment opportunity.  Try and spot where.

Then just as I was about to finish the power did its usual trick of going off for about an hour which meant that I stayed up longer than anticipated.  I really wanted to upload this on Friday to make sure that I was entered in time (all this Australian time difference it quite confusing).  So on Friday I went to bed without eating anything at all but was pleased with my end result.  And here it is …

Here are some more detailed photos of my entry ...


This is a Stampin' Up! World map that just to happens to show Egypt and the diamante is placed right where Luxor is. 

Alyce has a cat called Lila or Lila Bear who is a bit of a Diva

My entry was one of 120 entries in the event and the awards were drawn on Saturday starting at about 13:00 Egypt time (21:00 Brisbane time).  And to my very great surprise I was placed second in the Clowdies award.  All the entries were fabulous and I was shocked that I managed to win something as I never usually win anything.

The awards, and the categories themselves had many interesting titles and Alyce managed to mention each and every entry, having finalists and winners, in each category.

My prize was a pick of the latest releases from the fabulous sponsor Visual Image (  I chose my image and then, of course, had to purchase the rest of the set.

As I said previously, out of all the groups I belong to on Facebook and yahoo, this is the only place that I have felt comfortable enough to enter the challenges as with regards colouring I am a total beginner.  Part of this is because I know the group is really supportive of everything posted and everyone; not just of crafting stuff but of life in general.  Check out this wonderful page (they do have a book club too) and you never know you may embark on one of Alyce’s classes and start a wonderful colourful and creative journey like me.

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