Friday, 25 June 2010

Moving and Stuff


I have been very remiss of late on posting on my blog but I think i can be excused because i have moved house in the UK and then have emigrated to Egypt.

Its over 40degrees C constantly if not more.

My dog arrived on Monday 21 June and is slowly getting acclimatised. But saying that he got me up in the night every 2/3 hours.

I had to buy a new fridge/freezer as the old one did not really work! Then a TV. I also got the carpenter to do a mesh screen for the front door which keeps the dog in and the bugs out. It is not a good idea to led Odin out when the gardener has just soaked the garden as mutley is prone to walk in the mud, he is a labradour after all!

I also had to have the internet set up and to get a satellite receiver so i could watch my HD TV.

All i now need to do is stock my kitchen and i am done!

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